Elsabe Jehle
After many years of neck pain, Pilates classes with Patricia Lamond has become a way of life. I have been set free from pain. Stretching, and strengthening exercises in the Pilates class, as well as postural awareness is vital to a healthy body and mind.
Dr L Anstey
As the recipient of bilateral hip replacements (twice on each side) I was perturbed when I once again felt pain in my left hip. Taking my cue from my wife, a Pilates enthusiast, I joined her class and after 3 sessions the pain had disappeared entirely. This relief lasted a considerable time, until eventually when the pain did recur it was attributed to wear and tear of the prosthesis which will necessitate yet another replacement. To my mind, there is no doubt that the Pilates classes were directly responsible for the pain relief, and even now, with another replacement contemplated, Pilates has been of enormous value in the teaching me how to cope with the day to day management of the condition.
 E. Jehle.
Pilates with Pat is a liberation from bad posture. Before Pilates I lived with pain and inferior quality of life